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August 13th, 2018

Air conditioners often malfunction from time to time due to a variety of reasons. When this happens, you have to hire the best air conditioning repair company to fix the problem. If temperatures are high, you must request emergency repairs because you cannot stay in a house that is baking hot. To get the best AC services, be sure to call Ideal Comfort Heating & Air, LLC.

Air conditioners can operate efficiently and meet all your space-cooling needs if they are serviced regularly. Therefore, you should consider hiring Ideal Comfort to maintain your AC unit regularly to ensure it operates optimally. Regular servicing will also improve the efficiency of the system and reduce the frequency of breakdowns.

During the warmest or hottest months of the year, when the AC is operating full-time, you should consider checking your air filters to ensure they are not clogged. This should be done every 30 days. The filters must be cleaned and put back into the unit. In case they are damaged, they should be replaced urgently. This will help to improve indoor air quality as well as improve the performance of the system.

At Ideal Comfort, we normally offer convenient maintenance contracts, so you can rest assured that your AC will always be serviced in a timely manner and effectively. Our team will trim the shrubbery around the condenser unit on a regular basis to ensure the condenser unit performs optimally. They will also clean both the condenser and air handler as well as lubricate moving parts to ensure everything functions optimally.

Thermostats usually develop problems on a regular basis. For instance, they often go off calibration, so our team will need to recalibrate it regularly. If the thermostat is damaged, our technicians will inspect it and carry out repairs. If it cannot be fixed, they will install a replacement. Whatever the problem your AC might have developed, the team at Ideal Comfort Heating & Air can fix it effectively.

At Ideal Comfort Heating & Air, we are a fully licensed, insured and bonded HVAC contractor, so we have met all the minimum legal and professional requirements to work in the industry. We have years of experience in the industry and a great reputation with our previous clients. In fact, we are one of the top-rated firms when it comes to reliability and customer experience. This means that you can always expect to get quality HVAC services from our team. Call us today to schedule a service or to request emergency services.