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July 24th, 2018

Maintaining a high-functioning and truly efficient air conditioner is a very vital part of maintaining a safe and comfortable home. This is definitely the case throughout the warmest months of spring and summer. When the temperatures rise to extreme levels, you have to have a feasible way to keep everyone in the residence comfortable cool. Following are a few quick and easy ways to limit your AC repair costs and keep this essential equipment in good working order.

Regularly changing out your system filter is the easiest and most important form of air conditioner maintenance that homeowners can perform. This component traps dirt, dust, dander and other debris that is collected while the air is being cycled through the system. If too much matter is allowed to build up on this part, the system will become clogged and the equipment could start to overheat.

If you use your air conditioner every day during the warmer parts of the year, you will need to change your filter out every two months. You should also be sure to check it every 30 days to see whether or not a lot of dust has built up. This is all the more important to do if you happen to live near a freeway, near a construction site, or in a very dusty and arid climate.

Keep all shrubbery trimmed back and away from any system components that are situated on the outside of your home. This will allow all air to travel freely through external vents and will prevent the entire system from overheating. With clean filters and no blockages outdoors, your system will be a lot less likely to break down.

You might think that closing vents throughout your home is a good idea whenever certain rooms are not in use. In reality, however, this is not going to have a limiting effect on your energy bills. More importantly, it can also cause various parts of your AC equipment to start breaking down, well ahead of their actual time.

One of the best ways to keep your air conditioner in top condition, however, is by working with Ideal Comfort Heating and Air to establish a schedule for routine system maintenance. With regular visits from our qualified technicians, you can keep a host of incredibly common AC problems at bay. Moreover, our seasoned repair professionals will also have the chance to catch and resolve your minor air conditioning issues before these have any opportunity to spiral out of control.