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    A List Of Common Situations That Call For Emergency HVAC Contractors

    February 3rd, 2021

    The majority of HVAC repairs are not considered emergencies. They can wait for a few hours or days as you plan to get them fixed. However, it is best to treat certain issues with the urgency they deserve, especially if they have the potential of putting your loved ones at risk. We offer round the clock services and you can count on us whenever you need the expertise of emergency HVAC contractors.

    We recommend seeking immediate assistance if your unit refuses to turn it on. Begin by checking its power source and confirm that the circuit breaker has not tripped. If everything seems okay, but the AC will still not turn on, call us immediately. On the bright side, this kind of concern is only considered an emergency during the hottest or the coldest months of the year.

    One concern you cannot afford to put on the back shelf is a leaking unit. In most cases, refrigerant leaks indicate major internal damage. If this special liquid is allowed to leak until it gets too low, then your HVAC will not function as expected. It will not cool your interiors effectively and you may also notice a sudden increase in your power bills.

    You have reason to seek urgent repair services if your furnace will not run. Again, such an issue must be addressed urgently during the colder months. The majority of furnace problems are quick and cheap to fix unless a problem arises from the fact that your heating and cooling system is way past its prime. Our skilled contractors will diagnose the problem before informing you about the best way forward.

    A danger sign that must not be ignored is unusual smells coming from the system. If your machine emits the smell of rotten eggs, it could be that the furnace has a gas leak. In such a case, we recommend calling us immediately and leaving your home until we arrive.