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February 15th, 2022

The heating and cooling systems come with various components that work effectively to regulate the temperature in your room. Proper assembling of all these parts is essential to develop a machine that serves the purpose and eliminates the possibility of breakdown. It is thus essential to leave the installation and restoration of such machines to experienced experts to do everything right for the start and avoid costly errors. The rest of this post discusses the common problems you can avoid by hiring a reputable HVAC Installation Company in Columbus GA.

Installing Wrong Size Furnace

Choosing big-sized furnaces may not always be the solution to having your ideal heating and cooling system. Some contractors will advise you to install furnaces that match the previous models in size to achieve the correct airflow volume. Our experts do relevant calculations to develop the right approach to choose a suitable furnace when installing or replacing your HVAC system.

Overlooking Combustion Safety

Modern combustion machines have special back-drafting that can bring some confusion to contractors. Luckily, our installation and repair experts have unmatched prowess in dealing with all models of machines to help you set every aspect the right way. Choose a firm that will check the safety of the combustion unit before the installing whenever looking for AC installers near me. The assessments include examining the pipes for cracks, depressurization, and flue gases. We inspect the entire unit for any carbon monoxide to prevent possible poisoning in case of leakage.

Installing Wrong Ducts Lines

Leaking and installing the wrong duct lines is one of the most common problems when setting up HVAC systems. An improperly sized duct may lead to impaired airflow, and reduced airflow will overheat your furnace. At Ideal Comfort Heating & Air, we evaluate the model of your heating and cooling systems to ensure we install corresponding duct lines to avoid issues with the airflow.

Installing Wrong Charge Level

The cooling and heating systems in the HVAC system need an efficient charge to remain fully functional. We always check the levels of charge during installation and air conditioning replacement following the specifications from the manufacturer. The inappropriate charge results in compromised efficiency and predisposes the machines to potential breakdown.