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    The Best AC Repair Services For Quick Summer Fixes

    July 12th, 2019

    Many people look forward to the summer because they get to spend more time outdoors. But after a few hours in the sun, there is nothing quite as satisfying as returning to your home and enjoying the cool, air-conditioned climate. Unfortunately, those AC units do sometimes malfunction, either by not blowing cool air or not blowing any air at all. In the sweltering summers of Columbus, GA, that means a lot of discomfort. If this happens to you, call Ideal Comfort Heating & Air, LLC for all your AC repair services needs.

    We offer a full range of services, AC units, and parts to help you get your unit back and running. We live here in Georgia too, and we know that even just an hour without your air conditioner can lead to dangerously high temperatures in your home that can put your family and pets in danger. We offer 24 hour emergency services and can be there ASAP to help fix your unit.

    We will troubleshoot the unit and see what is wrong. If it is a matter of a simple part replacement, we may be able to do that right away. In fact, the part may be on our truck, or we might have to make a quick trip to the shop or a local hardware store to buy the part. Either way, we will get it finished as soon as possible so you can enjoy your home again.

    On some occasions, your unit may have given out completely, and no amount of part replacements will do. Instead, you will need a brand new air conditioner. In this case, we may actually have the right model in stock at our shop and can get it done in a reasonable amount of time. In other cases, me may have to order the model from the manufacturer and wait on delivery.

    If we visit you and see that you have an older model, we can suggest a newer one to replace it. Even if your older unit is running just fine, it may not be very energy efficient. The newest models conserve much more energy than ever before, and will save you money on your electric bill. So in the end, they pay for themselves.

    We have a wide range of models to suit almost any budget. No matter what your budget is, we do offer financing if you qualify, which allows you to save your cash now and invest it in something else. The payments are fair and affordable and work great for people who did not expect to need to replace their AC.