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    Top 4 System Issues That Reputable Columbus GA HVAC Contractors Can Help You Address

    November 22nd, 2022

    The heating and cooling systems strive to cool your home when the environment outside is hot. The HVAC systems have to work harder than the average days to keep the temperatures in your premises within tolerable ranges. Adverse summer heat waves sometimes make air conditioners overload and lock in some instances when you least expect them. It is thus prudent to liaise with reliable technicians who can help you when the system malfunctions due to overuse. This post highlights some systems issues that reputable Columbus GA HVAC contractors can help you address.


    Regular maintenance with a reliable contractor is vital to keeping your heating and cooling systems in good condition. Working with our experienced technicians for routine checkups will help you avoid some of the common HVAC repair issues. Lack of proper regular maintenance is likely to subject your systems to costly unexpected breakdowns, poor performance, and increased energy bills. Ensure you work with our technicians to avoid such issues with your system.

    Filter Replacement

    Replacing the air filters is essential to extend the efficiency and life of the whole heating and cooling system. If the air filters are dirty and clogged, they will obstruct the airflow making the heating and cooling system work harder to maintain temperatures throughout the premises. We inspect the system for air filter clogging for timely unclogging to prevent the system from overheating and frequent shutdowns.

    Checking the Air Vents

    Establishing free-flowing vents is an essential intervention to the functionality of your system. We constantly check the ducts and vents during professional HVAC repair and assess any obstructions like leaves and others that restrict the airflow. Overheating can result from a simple blockage that you can quickly prevent by hiring a competent contractor to help identify early and give an appropriate remedy.

    Summer Frost

    Some heating system issues can result from exhaust fins freezing when there is excessively too much constantly cold air. We advise you to wait a couple of hours before restarting your system if you have been using it continuously and it suddenly shuts down. Freezing may reoccur if the system has been in use for a long time, but it should be able to start working once the tubing defrosts. Contact us for expert attention and furnace replacement if this problem persists after the intervention or is recurring.